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Day 4.2 Update

Haven’t posted a few sleeps as nothing was new really. One thing that didn’t change was no sleep in the afternoon. I was scared my body would start adapting to a biphasic schedule with too short times. Luckily, on day 4, I managed to fall asleep! So, I can see myself crossing that barrier of napping potential. Hopefully within a few days to a week I will be adapted enough to be back to normal awareness. Plus, I will be less sleep deprived with 4.5 hours of sleep than 3.

Day 3.1

Man, that was tough. I just stayed up till 5:30, just. I was in zombie mode. I did it though, if you have an iron will this is not for you, you need a unobtainium will.

Had a fairly good sleep but still a little tired this morning, I can see myself having an afternoon sleep today.

Another thing I noted was that I woke up at 5:50 from a scary dream. Only ten minutes after going to sleep most likely, so a WILD should be possible for my lucid dreaming.

Day 2.3

Fell asleep pretty fast, alarm woke me up at 12 and now I feel really tired, long night ahead.

Day 2.2

Couldn’t fall asleep again, not tired enough to crash with all the distractions such as family and cars driving past. Might invest in ear plugs or a sleeping mask if I need them. For now I’m not too tired still.

Day 2.1

Woke up at 7:00 AM fine with my phone alarm :D . Man, I was really tired from 4:30-5:30 last night or morning or whatever. At first I was feeling more tired than before I went to sleep but feeling just a little bit better already, today is gonna be tough.


Ah yeah, feeling a lot more tired suddenly. Heh, I can last to 5:30 AM!

Day 1.3

Erm, it’s weird when you set an alarm for 12 AM and set it to buzz and it just doesn’t go off. So, woke up at almost 1 AM instead of 12AM. Charging my phone now to use that, other one not reliable enough. Currently feel pretty good and not very tired.

Day 1.2

Ah yeah, my first attempt at a sleep was actually at 3:30 after the last day of school today. So I’ll just skip day 1.1

Now, I’m not really the kind of guy to have naps or go to sleep early, depending on your definition of an early time to go to sleep. So, I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes and tried to drift off, not much luck. I got up at about twenty five minutes since laying down and just got back up, not too exciting. I will definitely be able to fall asleep at 10:30 PM though. So hopefully that will be more amusing.


As I journal my adaptation I’ll use this key.

Day x=The actual 24 hour day I’ve been doing it. Fourth of April day 1. Fifth of April day 2 etc.

x(decimal point)x=The period I’m awake after a sleep.


Day 1.1 would be after I wake up from my 5:30 AM sleep
Day 1.2 will be after I wake up from my 3:30 PM sleep
Day 1.3 will be  after I wake up from my 10:30 PM sleep

Make sense? Okay, good.


Hey everyone. This blog will follow me on my journey to adapt to a polyphasic sleep schedule. That is, sleeping more than one time during the day. This may be a foreign idea to you but it has become quite popular especially due to the power of the internet. Polyphasic is an umbrella term for a variety of sleeping schedules reducing the amount of time you sleep from two to five hours.

I will be attempting one called Triphasic. As you can probably guess, that’s three times a day.

5:30-7:00 AM Sleep 1
7:00-3:30 PM Wake 1
3:30-5:00 PM Sleep 2
5:00-10:30 PM Wake 2
10:30-12:00 AM Sleep 3
12:00-5:30 AM Wake 3

As I go to school from 8:30 to 2:50 every weekday I needed one where I could have a long enough gap for school. This was the best one.

I’m doing this mainly because it’s something different, as well as the fact that you get more time during the day. If you are interested, the internet has lots of resources and is a pretty good forum to go to for advice and general discussion.

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